We are in a fast-paced world, do you not think? We always try to think of everything and forget nothing, between groceries, children, work, etc. When can we take time for ourselves among all of this? For these reasons, CHANV has decided to offer you the chance to have your head elsewhere, hassle-free.That’s why we have developed our subscription plan so you do not forget anything about the care of your skin. Subscribe to your favorite products and receive them directly at home on 30 or 60 days, depending on your preference.

In this way, you will even have a 20% discount on each product in your subscription each time.


First, you must create an account. Once done, you must go to the online store and select the desired product. After, in the page of the product, you will have 3 choices (buy only once, month or by 2 months). To subscribe, you must choose one of the last 2 options. This product is added to your basket and according to your preference, the transaction will be done automatically for the next months.

The delivery time is 3 to 5 working days after the first order. Thereafter, you will receive your 2nd package 1 month or 2 months later, depending on your preference.

No problem canceling your subscription at any time and at no cost. The concept is to make your daily life easier, to free your mind. If you feel the opposite, you can cancel your subscription via your account here

Unfortunately no. If you do not wish to receive your next package since your product is not finished, you must unsubscribe via your account or choose the 60 days option if you had the monthly option.