Six Apps to Stay Healthy This Year

The new year has started and you are determined to keep your health and beauty resolutions and turn them into daily habits! Why not get some support? After all, a helping hand is always appreciated, especially when it’s just a quick scroll away…on your smartphone. Discover 6 mobile apps to motivate you to stay on track all year long!

Stay in Shape and Reach Your Ideal Weight

Need help to keep up with weight and workout goals? Looking for a food diary? Searching for tips and tricks to stay in shape? Longing for support from friends or a community? Go ahead and try MyFitnessPal. It does it all, and more. With a database of more than 6 million foods, it’s pretty complete and easy to use. Basically, all you have to do is type in what you ate or simply scan the barcode from your favourite box of crackers. You can then track your calorie intake as well as what you are burning off by logging in your daily activities. You can also join a community or share your progression with friends and family. How motivating is that?! With this app, no more excuses, start moving and eating healthy! Android and iOS

Practice Yoga in the Comfort of Your Home

Yoga is food for the soul and body. If you can’t make it to a weekly class because your schedule needs more flexibility, check out Yoga Studio by Gaiam. It has a very high-quality content, offers yoga sessions for beginners or experts alike and has a wide variety of classes. Suffering from back pain? There is a yoga session to fix that! You are a marathoner? Try their yoga for runners. There is a fee to sign up. Android and iOS.

Be Mindful and Calm

Life can get busy and chaotic and stress levels pretty out-of-control. That’s why it’s good to set some time aside to practise mindfulness. If your meditation skills are as awesome as those of a three-year-old toddler, don’t worry, there is an app for that! PetitBambou (now offered in English) offers guided meditation sessions for beginners. All you have to do is listen and do what you are told. Easy peasy. Although the app is free, you can buy a yearly membership for more options. On Android and iOS.

Get the Sleep You Need

You keep on wondering why you wake up as tired as the night before? Sleep Cycle is an app that could help you by monitoring your sleeping patterns and giving you insight on just how restful your night actually was. Put your phone on your nightstand, launch the app and let the magic of technology do the rest. It literally listens to you sleep and can determine your sleep cycles quite accurately. It also has an alarm that wakes you up gently at the most perfect time.   Say goodbye to stressful mornings! On Android and iOS.

Say Goodbye to Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics

You are determined to stop buying cosmetics with harmful substances, but reading ingredients labels leaves you dazed and confused? Thankfully, apps such as Think Dirty list more than 550 000 cosmetics and gives you info on the product, ingredients and even on wiser options! Just scan the barcode of a product and let the app do what it does best! On Android and iOS.

Eat Healthy With Yummy Vegan Recipes

If you are interested in a more vegan or vegetarian diet, are already a vegan or simply want to reduce your meat consumption, try Vegg’up. It simplifies dinner time with tons of vegan and vegetarian recipe ideas. The best about this app is that it takes into account your preferences, food allergies or intolerance before making suggestions. You also get nutrition facts and a quick shopping list of ingredients to buy. Perfect for picky eaters and busy weeknight meals. On Android and iOS.  

Isn’t technology and all it has to offer amazing? So get out there and take care of your body, mind and soul. 2019 is your year to be healthy, rested, mindful and to keep your beauty au naturel.

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