Treating Acne with Hemp Oil

L’huile de chanvre pour soulager l’acné

It was the big day. Opening night of play starring you, your senior prom, or your first date with your big crush. That morning, you woke up with a mountain of a pimple right in the middle of your face and there was nothing you could do about it. Who doesn’t have this kind of embarrassing memory of teenage years? Statistically, acne affects up to 90% of teenagers in Canada: almost all adolescents have been through it at one time or another! Other than sighing “I won’t remember this on my wedding day” and applying some over-the-counter ointment, there probably weren’t many effective or natural options for skin blemishes at the time. That is until you discovered that you can treat acne with hemp oil!

Hemp oil to the rescue when acne persists

While for many this skin problem is just a bad memory from their teenage years, others suffer from it long after their youth. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, acne affects 20-30% of the Canadian adult population. Unfortunately, Ladies, the statistics are not in our favour:  75% of these cases affect women. So to what or to whom should we turn? While there are a myriad of acne treatment products available in pharmacies, they often contain undesirable ingredients that should be on the “do not use” list. Fortunately, while not so long ago, natural options for acne relief were not as plentiful, hemp oil has now been proved to be an invaluable ally. With a Canadian study showing that even the simplest cases of acne can undermine self-esteem, it’s clear that the problem deserves good solutions!

Hemp oil, a scientifically proven solution for acne relief

Fortunately, hemp oil or CBD products offer an amazing and effective natural alternative! In fact, a highly trusted research article from the Journal of Clinical investigation published in 2014, shows the extremely promising potential for hemp products in the treatment of acne. Several other ongoing clinical investigations also point in this direction.

How does it work?

Acne occurs when your skin’s pores become clogged. So, contrary to the myths surrounding it, acne doesn’t suddenly appear because you succumb to a guilty pleasure every once in a while. (Shout out to that extra chocolate fudge sundae! Woo!)

Relieving Acne with Hemp Oil

Simply put, acne is often caused by excessive sebum secretion. That is when your pores get clogged, inflammation forms, and redness and infection set in. Inflammation you say? No worries – hemp oil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. It also has antibacterial properties in addition to promoting regeneration and healing. So it’s an all-round champion for treating acne! Want more? It doesn’t clog pores, so it can be used daily without having to fight blackheads. AND…drum roll, please… thanks to its high content of omega-3, omega-6, and essential fatty acids, it’s a superstar in terms of moisturizing potential. With all these qualities, it’s no wonder hemp oil is considered one of the most complete natural skin care oils!

Where can you find this acne relief superstar?

CHANV has developed an all-natural hemp-based intensive care oil infused with Italian Helichrysum. This plant is famous for its beneficial effects on all skin problems, including acne. When pimples appear, simply apply some of our intensive care oil to them for a few days. This should be enough to significantly reduce the problem and relief acne. In addition, the intensive care oil will promote tissue regeneration and repair!

Yes, I want the Intensive Oil

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