Detox: boost your system for spring

Spring is here! Snow is melting, sun is shining, birds are flying back from their winter retreat and nature is coming back to life. What about you? How are you feeling these days? Perhaps like a bear waking up after a long season of snoozing? Don’t worry if winter made you into a couch potato and comfort food is your new best bud, now is the perfect time to change a few habits and feel as fresh as a rose for the sunny times ahead. Stars are doing it, ads are promising you the miracle pill to detoxify your insides, Instagram wants you to try it and pinterest is buzzing with attractive boards on how to drink green smoothies for thirty days without passing out from hunger. Are detox diets the perfect way to spring clean your body from toxins? Yes and no.

Detox Diets, Yes or No?

There are no perfect detox diets and actually very little scientific evidence as to how effective they are in the long run when it comes to cleansing for your system. In fact, your liver and kidneys are the real champions when it comes to doing that. It doesn’t mean detox diets are wrong or that you shouldn’t try it if you believe in it and are convinced that it will do you good! Simply keep in mind that it’s wiser to stay away from quick-fix miracle products promising you fast results and that maybe choosing something less RADICAL than a 30-day grapefruit mono diet is a smart choice. Use your common sense and when in doubt, ask a healthcare expert.

Possible Alternatives to Detox Diets

If you decide not to follow a detox diet but still want to feel as fresh as a daisy, why not give yourself some healthy goals this spring? Who knows, these objectives could become life habits even after spring has sprung and summer has gone. Here are three for a successful detox!

A Boost of Vitamin

Let’s start with fruits and vegetables! The starting point of your spring reboot is definitely all about filling up on these health-friendly foods! In a smoothie, on cereals, with yogurt or kefir, as a crunchy snack or even added to salads, fruits will give your body a well-needed boost of vitamin after the long winter months. This is also true of vegetables such as kale, peas, spinach and cauliflower, which are a great source of fibres. For lunch and dinner, try to have at least half of your plate filled with veggies. Raw, grilled, steamed, vegetables are as versatile as they are healthy!

Healthy Drinks for Spring

Say goodbye to Irish cream coffee, après-ski beer and that glass of wine by the fire. The weather is warming up and to spring back to life, take a break from alcohol. While you are at it, why not add soda, caffeine, sugary drinks to the list as well? What can you drink then? What about some invigorating elixirs that will give your system a detox boost. Don’t go looking for some magic potion. Smoothies made with fresh fruits and veggies, plant-based milk such as hemp milk, infusions and green teas, and, of course, water will provide your body with what it needs. If you miss the fizz from your weekly cocktail or beer, try kombucha instead! This healthy drink made from fermented tea is perfect for a 5 à 7 in the sun!

Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Consuming high amounts of refined sugar has devastating effects on your health. To make things even more complicated, it is sometimes difficult to know if sugar is hiding is some food, since the industry has many different names for it. If it can be challenging to ban it completely from your diet, it is possible to drastically reduce your intake. Avoiding processed food, sugary drinks, pastries and even your favourite brand of sandwich bread is a good start, since sugar is hidden in all of these staples. Learn how to identify sugar on labels in order to make wiser choices. To control the amount of added sugar in what you eat, there are no magic tricks or shortcuts. Home-baked goods and cooking from scratch is the best way to know what is on your plate.

With these tips, we hope you feel ready for spring cleaning for your body and soul! Along with warmer days comes the time to say goodbye to winter boots and coats and welcome long walks in the sun and bike rides. Being active is another perfect way to detox your system and embrace the new season. Happy Spring!

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