The Best Cream for Sensitive Skin is a Hemp Cream

Having sensitive skin can be quite a headache. Whether you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea or simply have a sensitivity to certain ingredients, the symptoms can definitely take a toll on your life! When redness and dry skin occur on your face because of these conditions, it can even make you feel self-conscious. In this case, it takes effective solutions to help you regain your radiant complexion and confidence!

Discover the Sensitive Skin Cream From Chanv

How can you say goodbye to dry skin for good without the harsh ingredients found in most face creams? If you have sensitive skin, that’s THE big question. Chanv’s Sensitive Skin Cream is a gentle and soothing solution for your skin, much like wrapping yourself in a cashmere blanket after a hard day. It is also ideal for alleviating symptoms caused by different skin conditions. In fact, it is suitable for all skin types, thanks to the different oils it contains. Don’t worry though, it offers a silky and matte finish, never oily.

Hemp Oil for Sensitive Skin

Chanv’s sensitive skin cream, like all Chanv products, is made as much as possible with natural ingredients, such as hemp oil. This plant-based oil is gentle on your skin and has a deep moisturizing effect. It’s also the perfect anti-age elixir! What’s its secret? Its high content in essential fatty acids and vitamins E and K are what makes it perfect to heal dry or damaged skin.

Star Ingredient: Italian Helichrysum

Italian Helichrysum is a favourite of the Chanv line of products. This precious ingredient extracted from a plant that is nicknamed “immortal” because of its flowers that don’t fade after harvesting has anti-inflammatory, healing and analgesic properties. Your complexion will look as fresh as a daisy in no time! This oil is unbeatable when it comes to reducing the symptoms of skin problems, whatever they may be. Whether your sensitivity is due to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or other skin conditions, Helichrysum is effective. It also does miracles on scars and stretch marks as well as fine lines and wrinkles. And the smell of it! Delightful!

Essential Oils to the Rescue of sensitive skin:

The sensitive skin cream also contains grapefruit essential oil. This essential oil has several virtues. It detoxifies, firms and tones (don’t we love that!) without being harsh on your delicate skin. Pretty hard to beat. It’s also antibacterial due to its high limonene content. It’s the perfect complement to the other ingredients in the sensitive skin cream since it adds the firming and toning dimension.

Perfection in a Jar

Made without GMOs, phthalates or paraben, vegan and cruelty-free, the sensitive skin cream nurtures your skin without the use of harmful ingredients. That’s why we call it perfection in a jar. Use it daily and remember: a small dose goes a long way! If you are constantly on the go, try the version in a tube: the face cream. Don’t be fooled by the different name! It’s the same great product, same awesome ingredients, but in a more convenient format! Drop it in your bag and go!

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